Difference Between Pie and Tart

Pie vs Tart

Tarts and pies are baked dishes that are usually sweet and very yummy to eat because of their filling. There are a lot of similarities in the world of pies and tarts to confuse people though they savor the taste of these baked delights. This article attempts to highlight the differences between tarts and pies to enable readers to use the terms correctly.


Pie is a baked dish with sweet or savory filling inside. It is usually round and has edges that are sloping. Pies are made in a pan that has a large diameter and is 1-2 inch deep. Pie crust is important as it provides a different taste than the filling inside. This crust is made from pastry dough and is large enough to cover not just the bottom but also the sides once filling is placed inside this crust. Finally, a round shape cover with the same dough is made and pressed over the filling, to complete the pie before placing it inside the oven. Pies can be made in different sizes, to be a single bite or very large pies enough to serve several people.


Tart is a baked dish that has shallow sides and only has the bottom and not the upper crust. It has a filling inside, and the crust is made from pastry dough that is salted flour, but sometimes even sugar is used to make the dough. The filling can be fruits, custard, jam, or just about anything that may be the liking of the individual. Pans used to make tarts are shallow and have a bottom that can be removed.

What is the difference between Pie and Tart?

• Pies have both top and bottom covered with the crust while tart is open from the top, and the crust is there to provide a base to the baked dish.

• Tarts have all sorts of shapes while pie is usually round in shape.

• Pans in which pies are made are deeper than pans in which tarts are made.

• Pies are more homely than tarts, and they are served right from the pan in which they are baked.

• The crust of pies is flaky while the crust of tarts is firm like that of cookies.

• Tarts have much less filling than pies.