Difference Between Pint and Quart and Liters

Pint vs Quart vs Liters

If you are from a country other than UK or US, and someone asks you to explain the difference between a pint, a quart and a liter, you would be flummoxed as you are used to the metric system that uses only liter as a unit of measurement of volume. There are differences hard to remember as metric system is a clean system with a liter containing 1000 cubic centimeters but imperial system is a bit complex. However, their differences (pint and quart and liter will be explained clearly in this article in a casual manner.

Remember one thing. A quart (or a quarter) is one fourth of a gallon and is double of a pint. Thus 2 pints= 1 quart

However, when it comes to pint, the imperial pint is more than the US pint. This is because imperial pint contains 20 fluid ounces while US pint contains only 16 fluid ounces. Thus an imperial pint contains 568 ml whereas US pint is smaller, containing just 473 ml. So if you are a British sitting in a US pub, do not be surprised by the size of a pint of beer as it would be less than what you get in your country. Just remember that imperial pint is 20% more than US pint.

A quart is one fourth of a gallon whether you are in UK or US. The difference in volume may be there, but the relation between a quart and pint remains the same in both countries which is that a quart is double in volume to a pint.

As told earlier, a liter is more popular unit of measurement around the world and has easier smaller units. It is a unit of volume that contains 1000 cubic centimeters. As far as conversion of pint and quart in liter is concerned, here is the following table.

In brief:

1 imperial pint = ½ imperial quart = 568ml = 0.568 l

1 US pint = ½ US quart = 473ml = 0.473 l