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Difference Between Poem and Poetry

Poem vs Poetry

* The difference between poem and poetry:

* Poetry is a literary form, whereas a poem is a written piece of work.

* Poetry is an art form, whereas a poem is a composed work.

The two words poem and poetry are interchangeably used although there is a difference in their inner meanings. Their connotations do differ to some extent. A poem is a piece of literary work. Poetry is an art form.

In short it can be said that poetry is one of the forms of fine arts. A poem is the fundamental unit of poetry. It can thus be said that poetry is made of poems. In other words you can say that poems constitute the art form of poetry.

A poet is one who composes poems and creates poetry in the process. He is just like a potter who is adept in making pots and creating the art form of pottery in the process. He alone can be called a poet who creates poetry frequently. He who composes poems occasionally cannot be called a poet but can be called a versifier.

Poetry is the result of the delineation of concepts and feelings by means of the use of the various elements of a language. Sounds and rhythms of words constitute the elements of language.

Poetry is characterized by what is called prosody. Prosody is the science of patterns of rhythms. Since rhythms form the basis of poetry, it is often compared to music. This is because of the fact that music too is qualified by the presence of rhythms.

The word poem is often used in the sense of an individual piece of work. Poetry is a collected work. In other words it is a collective term used to indicate many pieces of individual poems. Poetry is a literary form whereas a poem is a written piece of work.


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