Difference Between Poetry and Song

Poetry vs Song

Poetry and song are compositions that are similar in nature. Poetry is a collection of words that need not be set to music, whereas a song is a composition that can be sung on a particular piece of music. While poetry can also be set to music and sung like a song, there are basic differences between a song and poetry that are not apparent to common people besides music. If you too are one of those who cannot differentiate between poetry and song, read on as this article highlights their features to make it easier for you.


Poetry is an artistic tool that uses language to make a composition, which says more in few words and has a much deeper meaning than just words. Right from the nursery rhymes to poems with nationalistic feelings, poems have been considered literary works. Nursery rhymes are very useful for kids as they make it easier for them to learn. Kids are also helped with improved vocabulary when poetry is introduced to them at a tender age.

Poetry is considered a creative form of a language. Poetry is divided into many genres such as Epic, Jazz, and Nursery and so on. Whatever the genre or form, poetry is always a set of verses, and mostly rhyming at the end, to make it sound better to all.


Song is a musical composition, and inalienably linked with music. It is a composition containing words set to music and meant to be sung by singers. Though a song can be sung by a person in his voice without musical instruments, songs are mostly sung along with musical instruments for maximum effect. The words in a song are set in such a manner that they rhyme like in poetry, to have an enhanced effect. Songs may be religious, folk, pop, artistic, and so on.


What is the difference between Poetry and Song?

• Both songs and poetry are artistic expressions making use of a language though a song is a musical composition while poetry can be sung as well as read as text.

• Poems are considered more literary in nature than songs as they make better use of words. Deeper feelings and emotions are conveyed in poems, whereas songs are more direct and lighter in meaning.

• Poetry is an expression of inner experiences of a poet, whereas song is often set to a pre-existing piece of music.

• Songs are dependent upon selection of lyrics and music as well as the singer. On the other hand, poetry is free from these requirements.