Difference Between Pomade and Wax

Pomade vs Wax

Grooming and styling one’s hair is not the prerogative of women alone as more and more men today make use of hairstyling products to give desired shape and style to their hair. There are many hairstyling products of which hair wax and pomade are the popular ones. They may have been distinct earlier, but today they have so many similarities that people find it difficult to tell one from another. This article takes a closer look at wax and pomade to come up with their basic differences.


Hair wax is a hairstyling product that is used primarily to manipulate hair into different styles and to make hair hold in its position for long time periods. Waxes make the hair pliable without causing any stiffness. Once applied in the morning, hair remains soft and pliable all day long to allow the user to restyle the hair by simply running his fingers through his hair. Hair looks greasy all the time, and one has to wash hair to get back his normal hair looks. Wax is best when it comes to creating spiky hairstyles. Apply wax only when the hair is completely dry as it is insoluble.


Pomade is a greasy substance that is used to add texture to hair and to make it shinier and pliable. Once pomade is applied on hair, it holds hair in its place and allows the user to give the desired shape to his hair. Pomade is a great product to use to keep long hairstyles in place. The shine that pomade provides to your hair is excellent. If you have unruly and dry hair, using small pomade on hair in the morning is enough to keep them well behaved for the entire day. Pomade is a product that contains several ingredients like wax, petroleum jelly, and mineral oils.

Pomade vs Wax

• Wax is mostly wax while pomade has many ingredients of which wax is one.

• Pomade gives shinier hair than wax.

• Wax can hold hair in place for a longer time than pomade.

• For spiky hair, wax is better than pomade.

• Pomade is greasier than wax and requires harder shampooing to remove from hair than wax.

• For longer hairstyles, pomade is better than wax.

• Pomade is also better than wax for curly hair and thick hair.