Difference Between Preacher and Pastor

Preacher vs Pastor

Preacher and pastor both serve the church. They work to teach about God and take care of His flock. Although they are rather different job titles, a preacher is often confused with a pastor. But their difference isn’t really that mystifying at all.


Pastor came from a Latin word which means “shepherd”, so basically a pastor is someone who is given the task to take care of the people of the church. There are a variety of responsibilities that come along with the title. And one of them is preaching. A pastor speaks and teaches the Word of God to his congregation. However, he is not limited to the pulpit. In order to effectively care for his congregation, he performs social works, do house visits, visit the sick or do attend special gatherings.


Simply put, a preacher is someone who preaches. Anyone can be a preacher as long as he knows how to preach and what to preach. Unlike a pastor, a preacher doesn’t have responsibilities outside preaching, but he isn’t limited to the pulpit either. A preacher can go to different places and perform his job of spreading the word of God. Because he has that special talent of speaking so convincingly, a preacher has the ability to move people and influence them at the same time.

Difference between a Preacher and a Pastor

All pastors are preachers, as it is part of their job description; however, a preacher is not necessarily a pastor. A pastor who preaches well are sometimes called preacher as an added title. A preacher is a natural at delivering effective message center stage. A degree in theology or divinity-related studies is usually a requisite to being a pastor while it isn’t necessary to become a preacher. The work of a preacher rests on preaching, but being a pastor demands greater responsibilities particularly taking care of his fellow church members.

A pastor may lead a different role as a preacher, however, it doesn’t follow that one is more superior over the other. Each title dictates a role which has a distinct purpose for God’s Kingdom.

In brief:

• Pastor came from a Latin word meaning “shepherd”.

• A preacher is someone who preaches and has a talent of speaking eloquently in front of people.

• A pastor is also a preacher however his duties extend to taking care of his fellow church members.

• All pastors are preachers but preachers are not necessarily pastors.

• A degree in theology is required to be a pastor but unnecessary to become a preacher.