Difference Between Prejudice and Bias

Prejudice vs Bias

What is Prejudice? A judgment formed by an individual who is based on thoughts that are premature and are not based on thorough study or research about a group of people or individuals is referred to as ‘Prejudice’. Prejudice can be termed as one of the negative factors that are presiding in our societies and they have been there for a very long time now. Concentration was put upon bringing people together and close to each other. On the other hand, the factors such as Prejudice promote hatred and result in people moving away from each other and relationships are losing their meaning. Prejudice is a set of thoughts which are based upon the emotions of a specific person. These feelings might include hatred, fear and insecurity from any person. It has been found to be responsible for creating numerous negative issues causing destruction and different problems across the globe. Prejudice and other such factors are disturbing the peace of world slowly at different scales.

What is Bias? Bias is a word used to refer to prejudice of a person in favor or against something. This can be a thought that is about some group or individual when that individual or group is compared to any other. Bias is a term usually referred to such comparison between people or groups of people that is not just. Bias can also referred to as a natural inclination to an opinion or thought that someone holds about something. Most of the time, bias is a term used when choice can be made between two things and the person selects the thing which he/she himself/herself likes.

What is the difference between Prejudice and Bias?

Bias and prejudice are two factors in the society which prove to be disastrous in promoting air of peace and harmony between human beings. Bias refers to a thought of an individual or a group which is leaning towards an area of life such as politics, society, religion or economics. Prejudice is the process of making decision or judging something with a premature mind and making your own facts instead of knowing the real truth about a person or a thing. Bias can be referred to as a process where you prefer one thing over another thing. Prejudice is the word used to refer to something that you hate completely. Bias can be referred to as a prejudice in some specific sense. This is the priority that you feel about one thing as compared to other. Bias is term used to refer to person who is having any kind of influence of other people on them. Bias can sometimes even take a person so far that he considers that a truth is not true at all. Prejudice is a process which is mostly referred to by people as a process which involves premature judgment on the part of an individual or a group of people. In simple words, bias is a positive or negative opinion that one might have. This opinion is mostly based on the experience of a person. However, prejudice is something unnatural in which you completely avoid or hate one thing or are addicted to something and love it without any specific reason.