Difference Between Prejudice and Racism

Prejudice vs Racism

What is Prejudice? Prejudice is a judgment formed by a person irrespective of getting the knowledge about the truth and facts. Prejudice is a negative factor in our society which resides for a very long time. Bringing people together was a target in the past. However, factors such as discrimination and prejudice are tearing people apart and people avoid or end a number of relationships only due to the fact that they support prejudice. Prejudice serves as a factor of integration which is acquired by a person by negative emotions which include hating someone, or fearing someone. Prejudice is a phenomenon seen in various different conditions. Prejudice might sometime lead to such negative issues which might result in destruction and chaos all over the world. The phenomenon of Prejudice is being kept in minds of people both at small and large scales.

What is Racism? Racism is another phenomenon which probably has its roots from prejudice. Racism involves relating something to a person which is not actually a part of that person’s life. Mostly, this occurs to a person basically due to the race to which he belongs. Racism also promotes that one or the other groups are better than the other one’s. Racism is one of the factors that have been used in past to promote hate or love for someone. Racism and prejudice are two words which are mostly confused with each other.

What is the difference between Prejudice and Racism?

Prejudice, in simple words, is referred to as a conclusion drawn by anyone without judging the actions of a person or thing. The word is mostly used talk about a premature judgment about some person or group based on religion, profession or any other feature associated to that person or group. Racism can be considered to be a branch of the prejudice. Racism is a word used when you are talking about prejudice related to a specific race. The major difference between prejudice and racism is that a person can be prejudice even if he is not a racist but a person can’t be referred to as racist if he is not prejudice. Prejudice is not used to talk about some issue being faced by the society.

Prejudice can be an opinion of a human mind which is not affecting some human being in any way. Racism is a phenomenon whose results can be dangerous for other people. Being a racist can also result in promoting problems in a society. Racism is based on a decision that is mostly premature and is based on the way a specific system is working in a country or a society. Prejudice, is also a premature thought but that is mostly associated with an individual only. Also, prejudice does not pose any threat to someone while racism might involve violence and threat to a group of people belonging to specific race. Prejudice is a phenomenon of thoughts in which are being carried out in the mind of a person. On the other hand, Racism is a set of thoughts which are generated by a number of laws of that society; these may even be due to some kind of treaty, tradition or custom of that area.

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