Difference Between Private Hospitals and Public Hospitals

Private Hospitals vs Public Hospitals

All around the world, whenever people aren’t feeling well or need a treatment from a doctor or want to diagnose some disease in their body, they need to consult doctors. All these doctors, surgeons and other healthcare professionals have been unanimously given a place to sit and be available which is known by the names of hospitals, clinics, healthcare institutes etc. Among all these, hospitals remain to be the most prominent ones since they are usually bigger than clinics and other healthcare institutes and also the fact that there are two different kinds of hospitals; private hospitals and public hospitals. Although the services provided in a private and a public hospital are more or less the same but there are some other very evident difference between the two which sets them apart.

A private hospital is one which is owned and governed by a person or many people who are managing the whole finances on their own. Not just finances, even the whole funds process and the administration, staff, all the doctors, everything is under control of that private body. It has been seen that most of the people go for private hospitals and they prefer them over any other option. This might be due to the fact that all the equipments used are reliable, of good quality and better. But the fact of private hospitals being much more expensive and costly can also not be denied. The number of facilities and the kind of individual care and attention given to the patient in a private hospital is undeniable. These little yet highly paying services provided in a private hospital makes it a first choice for any affording patient. Since no one wants to risk their lives and get into more trouble caused by even the slightest of negligence on the part of treatment, private hospitals remain to be popular.

Public hospitals, on the other hand, are completely and entirely run on the governments funding and money. Everything from the construction to the fees of the doctors to the equipments, medicines, hence each and every single thing is being taken care of by the local government body. A public hospital is considered to be a preferable option for the not-so-rich lot of people who, despite acute illness, can’t afford the heavy fees of a private hospital. Although it is very ironical to see that a hospital that is governed by the government (who has obviously more funds than a group of people or one person alone) does not offer that level of service which can be counted on in most of the times.

Well basically the major difference between a private and a public hospital is that of the finances and aids provided by the government to the public hospital whereas in private sector, it is done by the owner(s) of the hospital their selves. Other than that, the difference can be recognized by the amount of fees charged in both the sectors, the services provided and the equipments used.

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