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Difference Between Problem and Issue

Problem vs Issue

Problem and Issue are two words that are often confused as two words that give the same meaning. Strictly speaking they are not so and there are some differences between the two words.

The word ‘problem’ is used with an intention to solve it. Any problem for that matter will have a solution. An issue on the other hand is used in the sense of controversy. There is no element of controversy in a problem. On the other hand an issue is all about controversy.

An issue is concerned with one or a few persons of an organization or an institution. On the other hand a problem is concerned with the organization or the institution as a whole. This is one of the main differences between the two words.

A problem cannot be lengthened or made serious whereas an issue could be lengthened or made serious. An issue can be complicated but a problem cannot be complicated. A problem remains the same in course of time. On the other hand an issue does not remain the same in course of time. It can either grow serious or can get light.

Problem is personal in character whereas an issue is organizational in character. Issues can be handled privately whereas problems cannot be solved privately. This is because problems can affect others around you as well.

One of the important differences between the two is that an issue can have the potential to cause harm. On the other hand a problem does not have the potential to cause harm. Problems can be permanent or temporary. On the contrary issues can be recognizable solved.

Issues if not solved can grow in their impact. On the other hand problems when not solved cannot grow in their impact but tend to remain the same.


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