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Difference Between Problem and Symptom

Problem vs Symptom

Problem and Symptom are two words that are often confused as words that give similar purport, but they are actually not so. A problem has a solution whereas a symptom helps you to identify a problem.

This is especially true in the case of medical science. Many diseases or problems relating to health have symptoms. These symptoms help the doctor to identify the problem relating to health.

Hence it can be said that problem and symptom are related rather than synonymous in character. Both a problem and a symptom can be persisting too. The word ‘problem’ is used with the intention of finding solution to it. On the other hand the word ‘symptom’ is used with the intention of curing the symptom.

In other words if a symptom is known, there will be an effort to see to it that the symptom ceases to exist or the symptom is cured completely. In the same way when a problem comes to be identified, then there will be an effort to find a solution for the problem. In short it can be said that there will be an effort to see to it that the problem is solved completely.

Thus it is understood both a problem and a symptom are not desired by anybody for that matter. If a problem is not solved then the problem cannot be removed. On the other it tends to remain the same. It continues to exist. On the contrary if a symptom is not cured or diagnosed properly then it is bound to aggravate. A symptom does not remain the same. On the other hand it tends to increase further if not cured properly.

In a subject like math the word ‘problem’ is often used in the sense of a task that has to be solved by some kind of means.


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