Difference Between Profession and Job

Profession vs Job

Employment, job, career, profession etc are some words that seem to be closely interrelated to each other. In fact if you were to ask a layman the difference between a profession and a job, he might think of both being same whereas there is a lot of difference between the two words that will be discussed in this article.

Let us take up legal profession. There are many people directly or indirectly associated with this profession and are in fact doing jobs that have been assigned to them depending upon their educational qualifications and experience. If you have a friend who is an attorney, he is fighting the cases of his clients in a court of law to get justice for them. This is his job which he is performing by virtue of being in legal profession. Legal profession has many more jobs and an attorney is just a part of the whole legal system.

Similarly your uncle who is a doctor is in medical profession. But when you ask him about his job, he will take the name of the institution in which he is performing his duties or providing his services as a doctor. Thus it is clear that a profession is larger than a job and contains many jobs that are performed by different people having different qualifications. For example, in a medical profession, there are not just doctors but also nurses, administrators, ward boys, machine operators, technicians, lab attendants and many more. All people holding these jobs are a part of the medical profession.

When you receive a professional or academic degree, you are free to do any job, and often people switch jobs until they find a profession which is to their liking and then stick to it and spend the rest of their working life in that profession. It is easier to switch jobs but harder to change professions. However, there are instances when people got a degree in engineering but ended up doing a business of their own totally unrelated to their field of study.

In brief:

Profession vs Job

• The field in which a person works is referred to as his profession while the role he is performing relates to his job.

• Thus a person who has received a degree in law performs the job of a lawyer being in the legal profession

• A profession is bigger than a job that a person can keep on changing

• A profession has many jobs and a job is only a part of a profession.