Difference Between Proposal and Recommendation

Proposal vs Recommendation

When it comes to academic and business writing, one should have a clear understanding on the difference between proposal and recommendation. Proposal is a report that justifies the feasibility of carrying out a new project, research or a business whereas recommendations are to do with most appropriate suggestions in problem solving related to an already existing entity or issue. A Proposal is always set in a proper background and a detailed methodology is also involved about implementation of something new. Recommendations, on the other hand, may analyze the nature of issues, problems that have occurred and will provide effective solutions, suggestions.

What is a Proposal?

The objective of a proposal is to consider how feasible a new project, research, business is before its granted approval. Proposals are also forwarded to secure funding for projects or even banks before approving loans ask for project proposals to be submitted. A proposal normally includes an introduction, background analysis, objectives of the project, methodology, a timeline and expected outcomes. A business proposal may also include a budget for a suggested project. A proposal is always detailed and is usually forwarded to higher authorities, supervisors, banks or any other government private entity for approval.

What is a Recommendation?

A recommendation is given pertaining to a particular situation for problem solving. Here, the background of a particular problem is analyzed and the most practical solutions to improve the situation are presented in detail. Recommendations are usually forwarded when it is called by the government or private body from a committee or an official in relation to a particular situation. An investigation or a study is usually conducted prior to forwarding recommendations. It is noteworthy that recommendations are usually given by experts in a particular field or professionals who have specialized knowledge in a particular firm with a lot of experiences. Recommendations can also be presented as the concluding section s of research reports or as recommendations for further research.

Difference Between Proposal and Recommendation

What is the difference between Proposal and Recommendation?

When proposal and recommendation concerned, it is noticeable that,

• A proposal is written prior to conducting a study, research or starting a business whereas recommendations are forwarded after conducting a research, study.

• Proposals are usually forwarded to predetermine the feasibility of a research/project or for funding purposes while recommendations are usually given at one’s request.

• Apart from these recommendations are also included in research reports for improvements.

• When recommendations and proposals are concerned recommendations are more practical and aimed at problem solving in specific contexts.

• Both proposals and recommendations may also state the sources that the writers referred in writing.

Overall, both proposals and recommendations are formal writings that are significant for decision making in academic and business contexts.

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