Difference Between Pull Ups and Chin Ups

Pull Ups vs Chin Ups

Pull ups and chin ups are considered very effective exercises for building up of strength and muscles in the back and the biceps of an individual. Any intelligent coach will keep these two pulling exercises on top of his workout plan if he is asked to suggest exercises for development of muscles in the back and biceps and also for strengthening of upper body. These two variations of similar exercises are known to be standard tests for judging the physical condition of an individual and his strength. Despite similarities in these pulling exercises, there are differences between pull ups and chin ups that will be highlighted in this article.

Pull Ups

As the name implies, this is an exercise in which an individual is required to pull up his entire weight above a certain level using both his hands. Imagine yourself suspended in the air by your arms holding a bar. When you are asked to pull yourself up to the level of this bar using your hands while gripping the bar, you are doing pull ups. The thing to remember in pull ups is that your palms are facing away from you, and the exercise works your back muscles and shoulders. Pull ups require upper body strength to help and individual to pull up his weight over a bar that lies much above his height.

Chin Ups

Chin ups are a test of strength for a person as he tries to pull up his weight hanging from a bar. One has to raise his entire body to the level of the bar from which he is suspended in such a manner that his chin just touches the bar in this effort. The important thing to remember with chin ups is that the palms of the individual are facing his face, and the exercise aims to develop his biceps and back muscles. Chin ups are great muscle building exercises for the gymnasts and body builders, and you can see the result in the form of their developed upper body muscles.

Pull Ups vs Chin Ups


• Both pull ups and chin ups are muscle building exercises requiring one to pull himself up in the air while suspended from a bar.

• Chin up is a variation of pull up where the individual has to raise his head in such a manner that his chin comes on top of the bar through which he is hanging.

• The palms of the individual are facing away from him in the case of pull ups while they are facing him in the case of chin ups.

• Pull ups are great for shoulders and back muscles while chin ups are considered ideal for developing biceps.

• Many people consider chin ups to be somewhat easier than pull ups.