Difference Between Punjabi and Hindi

Punjabi vs Hindi

Difference between Punjabi and Hindi is what confuses people in the west as they expect an Indian to be speaking in Hindi which is the national language of the country. What they fail to realize is the concept of unity and diversity which is reflected in there being 22 official languages in India, of which Punjabi is just one. Punjabi is spoken mostly by people belonging to Punjab and also by Sikhs and people of Punjabi origin elsewhere in India. While Hindi is one language that is understood by most of the Punjabis, they prefer to talk in their own language which is very natural.

Though Hindi and Punjabi languages have many similarities with a majority of common words, there is a basic difference in written languages. Hindi is written in Devanagri script that comes from Sanskrit language whereas Punjabi language has its own scripts known as Gurmukhi. Both Punjabi as well as Hindi can however be written in Arabic script which is what people living in Pakistan or other Muslim countries do. Both Punjabi and Hindi are Indo Aryan languages having lots of similarities. However, there are differences in vocabulary, punctuation, and grammar. In some ways, it can be said that there are enough similarities as is the case with languages spoken in Latin countries such as Mexican, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Generally speaking, if you hear Punjabi being spoken, you would find it to be loud and aggressive whereas Hindi is politer of the two. But the similarities are amazing and if one learns Hindi, he can easily master Punjabi. It is a matter of catching the accent and adding a few words from Punjabi.

Punjabi vs Hindi

• Punjabi is a language spoken in the state of Punjab and by Punjabis residing in other parts of the country

• Hindi is the national language whereas Punjabi is just one of the 22 official languages in India

• There are many similarities between Punjabi and Hindi as they are both Indo Aryan languages

• Punjabi appears to be more crude and loud while Hindi is softer in tone

• There is a great difference in accent of the two languages.

  • psahibsingh

    The constitution of India does not assign national status to any language.
    Hindi is an ‘official’ language along with English and many regional languages, though Hindi and English are majorly used for official purposes.
    Please make this correction.

  • LOJ

    Mexican isn’t a language, Portuguese and Spanish are languages. What you probably tried to convey is that they’re all romance languages, which also includes French and Italian.

  • Ronnie

    Punjabi crude and loud? Hindi is the language spoken in the most backwards places of India like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh whereas Punjab is one of the most affluent states. It depends on who is speaking the language. Punjabi is a more friendly and warm sounding language in my opinion.