Difference Between Purse and Wallet

Wallet vs Purse

When it comes to transporting one’s personal belongings, people have found various means. While serving a basic purpose, this method of convenience have over the time transformed itself into a fashion statement as well. As a result, wallets and purses have become indispensable items in the life of any man or woman in the world today.

What is Wallet?

A wallet is typically defined as a small, flat case that is designed to fit into a pocket that carries cash, credit cards and identification documents such as driver’s licence, etc. while not always foldable, wallets are generally designed to be foldable and is made with pliable material such as leather or fabrics for this purpose. The term wallet has been in use since the 14th century in reference to a knapsack or bag used to carry various articles. However, the modern definition of the word wallet dates back to 1834 being one of the many definitions that existed during the 19th and 20th centuries. Typically wallets also come in bi-fold models with slots for holding credit cards and other such documentation. There are many types of wallets existing in the world today such as the breast wallet, front pocket wallet, shoe wallet, heavy metal wallet, etc. Wallets are mainly used by men. However, unisex wallets are quite popular in the world today.

What is Purse?

A purse is a small bag mainly used by women to carry cash and various paraphernalia of day to day life such as makeup, etc. There are many types of purses in use today. A coin purse is a small bag that is used for the carrying of coins of which the history runs back to 3,300 BC. A purse in British English may refer to any sort of pouch that carries bank notes, currency cards and other items. A handbag is usually a small to medium sized bags that are mainly used by women, and usually utilized as a fashion item. Purses can hold wallets, a woman’s personal items as well as currency and is typically carried over the shoulder.

What is the difference between Wallet and Purse?

Wallets and purses are similar in purpose, however, different in definition. There are many gender and social implications linked to the two objects which in turn set them apart. However, both men and women have come to use the two objects interchangeably which have made it difficult to make a distinction between the two terms.

• A wallet is typically a male item. A purse is typically a female item.

• A wallet is smaller than a purse and can fit inside a purse.

• A wallet is a small flat case designed to hold cash, credit cards and identification documents such as driver’s licence, etc. a purse apart from holding currency also carries other paraphernalia such as a woman’s personal items, etc.

• A purse is a fashion accessory that has been fashionably designed. A wallet is more practical and convenience based.