Difference Between Push Up Bra and Regular Bra

Push Up Bra vs Regular Bra

Undergarments were originally designed in order to protect vulnerable parts of the body from external forces. As time went on, designs of undergarments too have evolved thereby serving the purpose of not only providing protection and support, but also shaping up the body and giving it a more desirable form. Bras and push up bras are two such pieces of clothing that have evolved overtime and have gained immense popularity among females, not only as support garments, but also as beauty enhancers.

What is a Push-up Bra?

A push up bra is a brassiere design that is characteristic of extra padding on the lower side of the cup, which in turn pushes up the breast, providing additional support. This design using angled cups with padding enables the breasts to be lifted up against the gravity and set towards the middle of the chest, thereby giving the body a firmer shape. Push-up bras are also useful in shaping up the breasts and giving them a more rounder appearance while increasing the appearance of cleavage. A push up bra is a demi cup bra.

These types of bras are recommended for women with smaller breasts as they help the breasts to achieve a fuller shape by pushing up and together while providing support from underneath, giving the illusion of increased cup size. Push up bras can also be helpful for larger breasted women as the extra padding underneath the cup gives extra support to the heavier breasts while it also shapes up the body.

What is a Regular Bra?

A regular bra is what one would refer to as a brassiere, a female undergarment that is worn to support the breasts. In addition to support, a bra would also shape up the body, thereby giving it a firmer appearance. A regular bra is usually full-cupped, made with light fabrics such as cotton and often trimmed with lace or other materials that enhances its looks. It provides maximum support for the breast while covering the entire breast.

Bras are worn for comfort as well as for appearance purposes, but mostly a regular bra is worn for functional purposes. Support and to reduce bounce would be the topmost priority in a regular bra while providing maximum comfort to the wearer at the same time. Regular bras can be worn underneath loose fitting outfits for casual wear.

Push Up Bra vs Regular Bra

Although sometimes the two types of bras do not seem much different, there are several discerning factors that matter when choosing the bra that best suits your requirements.

• A push up bra contains padding. A regular bra does not have any padding.

• A push up bra pushes the breasts up and together thereby creating the appearance of increased cleavage. A regular bra merely provides support and comfort to the wearer.

• A push up bra is half-cupped. Regular bras are usually full-cupped, covering the entire breast.

• Push-up bras usually have underwire in them for additional support, but not the regular bras.