Difference between Queen Bed and King Bed

Queen Bed vs King Bed


Beds are sold in different sizes and styles too. Queen bed and King bed are two differently sized comfy beds preferred in the households. The King bed is wider than the Queen bed. The king-sized beds are 76 inches in width and 80 inches in length. The queen beds for that matter are 60 inches in width and 80 inches in length.

Region Queen

(Width x Length x Area)King

(Width x Length x Area)North America60″ x 80″; 33.3 sq. ft.

(152 cm x 203 cm; 3.08 m2)Standard

76″ × 80″; 42.2 sq. ft.

(198 cm × 203 cm; 4.0 m2)

California king

72″ × 84″; 42  sq. ft.

{180 cm × 210 cm; 3.78 m2)U.K. & Ireland 60″ x 80″; 33.3 sq. ft.

(152 cm x 203 cm; 3.08 m2)

Super King

72″ x 78″; 39 sq. ft.

(180 cm x 200 cm; 3.6 m2)Mainland Europe &

Latin America160 cm x 200 cm; 3.2 m2

(63″ x 79″; 34.6 sq. ft.)

200 cm × 200 cm; 4.0 m2
79″ × 79″; 43.3 sq. ft.

Australia60″ x 80″; 33.3 sq. ft.


(152 cm x 203 cm; 3.08 m2)76″ × 80″; 42.2 sq. ft.

(198 cm × 203 cm; 4.0 m2)

Queen bed is normally preferred by the couples for the reason that they are spacious enough for two average adults to lie down comfortably. They fit very well in the master bedrooms or in the guest room of the household. King bed is extra comfy bed and will be suitable for bigger size people. For an average sized people it may be too large and occupy more space in the bedroom, leaving limited space for other furniture and also restrict the space for movement. It’s suitable for extra large rooms.

The King beds itself have two different sizes, namely, the standard king and the California King bed. The standard king bed is sometimes called as the Eastern king bed, whereas the California king bed is called the Western king bed.

Another interesting thing about these sizes is they are not internally set standards, They vary from region to region. In United Kingdom and Ireland Queen and King are of same size. They are generally sold as King Bed whereas they have another size called Super King.

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