Difference Between Quiche and Frittata

Quiche vs Frittata

Quiche and Frittata are two delicious dishes made using eggs though there are many more ingredients used in them. They are very popular because of the ease with which they can be prepared and also because they take relatively less time than traditional meals. It is hard to classify them as egg dishes as there can be cheese, vegetables, seafood, and even meats. Yet both are confused by many because of their similar shape and tastes. This article attempts to differentiate between Quiche and Frittata let readers appreciate these dishes and order them in restaurants with confidence.


Your husband has phoned from office that he will be home at lunch along with 3-4 friends, and you have neither time, nor resources in terms of vegetables to prepare the meal. What do you do then? Well, this is where a quick making meal called Quiche comes into the picture. Quiche is an open tart filled with eggs, cream and bacon. You can make this dish with whatever you have at hand, plus of course eggs. All the ingredients are added to a custard base that contains eggs and cream, and after baking this base, you can get a creamy consistency. If you have been advised to stay away from too much of fat, you can replace most of cream with milk.


Frittata is based upon eggs, and cream and milk do no matter much in it. In comparison to Quiche, one needs to cook it on a gas stove and then put inside oven to get baked. Frittata is more or less similar to the omlette, and it has to be cooked or grilled. In fact, many call it an Italian version of omlette. If you closely look, Frittata is nothing but eggs beaten and mixed along with ingredients and cooked like an omlette so that it sets in before being transferred to oven or boiler.


What is the difference between Quiche and Frittata?

• Frittata has an Italian origin while Quiche has a French origin

• Eggs are the common ingredients in Quiche and Frittata while both can have different ingredients

• Quiche is made just like an omlette on a stove while Quiche is baked to set

• Quiche has a custard base while Frittata has an egg base


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    Beyond the horribly sexist tone in this article, it’s got a number of horribly mangled sentences the confuse the reader and require detailed dissection to understand. There’s also some very basic errors, like saying Quiche in a few places that should say Frittata! How is a reader that doesn’t know the difference supposed to know what the writer meant there?!