Difference Between QVC and HSN


Internet and Telecommunications have brought numerous changes in the world of entertainment as well as the world of shopping. The way we did things in the past has been largely affected by the Internet and with the availability of numerous services online, internet is the only place people look at when they need something. One of the most used services of the internet is online shopping. QVC and HSN are two popular names which come straightaway in to mind whenever there is a conversation about shopping networks or online shopping. Read the article to know which network offers better services as compared to the other one.


Founded in the year 1986, QVC is a corporation which deals in home shopping through televised networks. QVC is providing its televised shopping services in five countries which include United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Italy and Germany. Following the motto and the meaning of their acronym, QVC is offering its services with the best ‘Quality, Value and Convenience’.


HSN, Home Shopping Network, is another televised shopping network which offers its services all day long in Philippines. HSN is currently offering its services in Philippines only and is available on different broadcasting mediums such as Cable, Satellite, and also on Terrestrial Networks.

What is the difference between QVS and HSN?

Unlike Home Shopping Network, QVC network targets people who are younger. Most of the brands featured by QVC are different things that are related to the section of beauty and fitness. With a wide range of products for beauty, fitness and skin care, it won’t be wrong to say that QVC targets a younger or beauty-conscious audience. QVC offers a wide range of products from some of the world-known brands including Laura Gellar, Bare Essentials, Bobbi Brown and Philosophy and much more. On the other hand, HSN offers different brands which include Signature Club, YBF and Serious Skin Care. Donna Ricco, Howe II and Faith & Zoe are also some of the brands whose items are included. However, the brands which are being marketed by QVC are much popular and well known as compared to those which are being offered by QVC. In addition to such beauty products and other things, these stories also offer different appliances which include electronics as well as jewelry along with cosmetics. Prices offered by HSN as well as QVC are mostly affordable and reasonable. Moreover, the items provided here belonging to different categories are also accompanied by sales. A number of products can be purchased from these shopping services with a number of great deals. HSN and QVC offer customer services of great standards and it is quite difficult to compare the customer services being offered by them. Staff which has been employed at both the places is people who are helpful and provide you services at the best of their knowledge. Staff at QVC is a bit more friendly and helpful as compared to the staff at HSN. HSN takes the lead when it comes to return products that are defected. Moreover, HSN offers free shipping of items that are purchased from it.