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Difference Between Raisins and Currants

Raisins vs Currants

Currants have tart flavor, whereas raisins are sweet in flavor.

• Currants are much darker and smaller than raisins.

• Small golden color raisins are called sultanas.


Raisin is a dry fruit that comes from dried grapes and is loved all over the world for its sweet and tart flavor. It is heavily used in the manufacture of cakes and puddings though there are many other kinds of recipes in which chefs make use of raisins. There are different types of raisins available in different parts of the world with the difference in color and taste. There is a variety of dry fruit called currant that is very similar to raisins. Despite similarities between raisin and currant, there are also differences that will be talked about in this article.


Raisins are dried white grapes. The word raisin comes from old French word that means grapes. There are many raisin varieties around the world and one can find raisin of all hues and shapes in different parts of the world. Raisins that are made from a seedless variety of golden grapes are called Sultana.


Currants are the raisins produced by drying of dark seedless grapes found in Greece. They are also called black Corinth, and this name comes from the ancient city of Corinth from where the currants were first exported to other parts of the world. These dry fruits are very small and shriveled, but they are also very tangy taste with their sweetness and tart.

What us the difference between Raisins and Currants?

• Raisins are dry fruits that are made by drying white grapes.

• Currants are dry fruits made by drying seedless dark color grapes.

• Currants are very dark in color and miniature in size. They are also called Black Corinth because of the name of the ancient city of Greece where the grape fruit is found.

• Currants have tart flavor, whereas raisins are sweet in flavor.

• Currants are much darker and smaller than the raisins.

• Sultanas are small raisins that are made from a seedless variety of grapes that are golden in color. These are sweet in taste, whereas currants are tart in taste.


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