Difference Between Rate and Ratio

Rate vs Ratio

Rate and ratio are numbers of the same kind. They usually explain the equivalence of one from the other. These two are used in mathematics to better understand and distinguish a matter’s proportion or value. In this way, it will be easier to distinguish and know the value from to another.


Rate is the relationship of two measurements that have various units. The quantity or unit, where a particular thing is unspecified, is generally the rate per unit time. Nevertheless, the rate of alteration can be named as per unit of length, mass or time. The most common kind of rate is time, like heart rate and speed. When it comes to describing the unit rates, the term “per” is used to divide the 2 measurements that are used to compute the rate.


Ratio is the connection of 2 numbers that have the same type. It may pertain to spoonfuls, units, students, persons and objects. It is commonly expressed as a: b or a is to b. At times, it is expressed mathematically as the dimensions quotient of the 2. This means the number of times the 1st number contains the 2nd one (not essentially a figure.)

Difference between Rate and Ratio

Rate pertains to fixed quantity between 2 things while a ratio is the relationship between lots of things. A unit rate can be written as 12 kms per hour or 10km/1hr; a unit ratio can be written in this manner 10:1 or is read as 10 is to 1. A rate usually pertains to a certain change while a ratio is the difference of something. A rate usually focuses on physics and chemistry, mostly measurements, terms like the measurements of speed, heart rate, literacy rate and, etc. while ratio can be of any object, thing, students or persons.

Rate and ratios are very important in explaining the equivalence from one and the other. A rate cannot be one if ratio does not exist. You don’t even notice that these two are still being used in our day to day living like calculating bank interest, product cost and many more. Life has been made easier because of these two.

In brief:

• Rate will not exist if Ratio did not exist.

• Rate is used for measurements

• Ratio is used for other kinds of things.

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