Difference Between Reality and Actuality

Reality vs Actuality

Reality and Actuality are two words that are often confused due their close proximity as far as their meanings are concerned. There is a subtle difference between Actuality and Reality.

Actuality can be explained as the actual conditions or facts. On the other hand reality is the one that is existent from time immemorial. Reality is an experience whereas actuality is perception.

In other words you can say that reality is what we experience on a regular basis whereas actuality is what we see on a daily basis. Sometimes an object that is unreal may appear to be real according to the metaphysical experience. For example a rope may appear like a serpent due to the lack of sufficient amount of light in a room. Such a kind of superimposed reality is based on illusion.

On the other hand actuality is not at all based on illusory knowledge. Reality is sometimes based on illusory knowledge wherein you take something unreal to be real as a kind of momentary experience. Then the truth is established about reality. Finally the illusory knowledge goes. The truth gets established.

When you say truth gets established, it is indeed the actuality that gets established. It is now clear that actuality remains the same forever. Reality is thus the subset of actuality.

Reality is sometimes described as the totality of all things possessing actuality, existence, or essence. Hence it can be said that reality is that which exists objectively and in fact. Actuality is on the other hand described often as actual conditions or facts. It is in fact the state of remaining in the actual condition.

You would often find that the word ‘actuality’ makes you think of reality in the general sense. This only points out the fact that actuality and reality are two words that are very closely knit with each other.