Difference Between Reality and Truth

Reality vs Truth

Reality and Truth are two words that are often misunderstood to convey the same meaning but strictly speaking they are not so. Reality is an existent fact whereas truth is an established fact. There is lot of difference between an existent fact and an established fact.

Reality has been existent ever since the beginning of the universe. On the other hand truth is something that you have proved. Truth is the exactness of a fact. Hence it is something you try to establish. This is the main difference between reality and truth.

The difference between reality and truth is akin to difference between a discovery and invention. A discovery is self existent or something that has been existent right from the past, whereas invention is the one that has been found out with the help of the discovered facts.

In the same way reality is the one that does not change its nature in the present and future too. It is always of the same nature. On the other hand truth can change its nature in due course. Many scientific truths were disproved in the past. The truth about the planetary motion was re-established later. Hence truth sometimes is bound to change.

Reality tells us about the real nature of a particular thing, experience, existence and the like. Truth tells about the fact that has been invented or experimented. In other words it can be said that reality gives rise to truth.

What is found out in reality is what is given ultimately as truth. Hence truth needs the observance of reality. This is especially true in the case of Science. The reality about planetary motion with the sun at the center has been stated as the scientific truth. Hence truth is the subset of reality.

Another important difference between reality and truth is that reality cannot be challenged whereas truth can be challenged. Truth can be challenged because it is characterized by facts. Facts can always be challenged and disproved. It is important to note that proven facts are more in number though.

Reality is not questionable whereas truth is questionable. Reality has nothing to do with power. It is all about authenticity. Authenticity is the proof regarding the original. Hence it can be said that reality is original. It is indeed the factor of authenticity that separates reality from truth.

On the other hand truth is all about power. As a conclusion it can be said that it takes time for reality to become truth. How long it takes for the reality to become truth lies in the hands of man. Man needs the power to establish the truth in the reality that has been existent for long.