Difference Between Recorded Delivery and Special Delivery in UK Mail Service

Recorded Delivery vs Special Delivery in UK Mail Service

Recorded delivery and special delivery are two terms that are used by Royal Mail Service in UK. They are different from normal post in the sense that they deliver the post urgently for valued items. Though it looks like they are similar, there are some fine differences between the two that mean that you should use one or the other depending upon your requirements.

Recorded Delivery

It travels in the normal course of post and is dependent upon the amount of postage paid thus classifying as 1st or 2nd class. It is mandatory that the postman who delivers it get signature at the point of delivery.

The highlights or significant features of a recorded delivery are as follows.

Signature on delivery

• Costs 74 pence in addition to first or second class postage

• Free certificate of posting available

• Electronic proof of delivery which can be seen online in the form of signature of the recipient

• There is provision for lost item up to pound 41.

Special Delivery

If you have an important document that must arrive tomorrow, then Special Delivery is a method to take care of it.

Special Delivery by 9 am is ideal for items or documents that must arrive first thing in the morning. Examples of such documents are passports, interview letters and other important applications. You can trust Special Delivery to get the document at the desired address by 9 am next day.

Special Delivery by 1 pm is another fast mail service that ensures your letters and important documents arrive latest by 1 pm next day. The documents are covered to the value of pound 500. There is increased compensation available for valuable items and full refund is provided if delivery is delayed beyond 1 pm.

Special delivery items are signed every time it changes hands and lastly it is signed for at its last destination service. This is why special delivery is so expensive.