Difference Between Red Velvet and Chocolate Cake

Red Velvet vs Chocolate Cake

Red velvet is the name of a cake that is reddish and sometimes reddish brown in color and hence resembles a lot with chocolate cake confusing people. Red velvet cake can also be vanilla flavored though looking like a chocolate cake. This article takes a close look at this yummy dessert to come up with its differences with the traditional chocolate cake.

Red velvet is the name of a cake that is of course deep red in color. But it is not just the color that makes it red velvet. It is the cream cheese frosting in between the red layers that make this cake so very delicious. Red velvet makes use of food coloring to give it the deep red color for which it is so famous. At times, chefs also make use of beets to get the color of the cake. Red velvet also contains cocoa powder to deepen the color of the cake. This is where the comparison with the chocolate cakes starts. But the thing to remember is that there is a difference in the amount of cocoa powder used in red velvet and the traditional chocolate cakes.

You cannot make a red velvet cake by adding red color to your chocolate cake recipe. Red velvet is in a breed of itself which is something in between a vanilla cake and a chocolate cake. There is only enough hint of chocolate flavor, and it is not a chocolate cake in totality.

What is the difference between Red Velvet and Chocolate Cake?

• Red velvet is a type of cake that makes use of red coloring and even beets to impart reddish brown color to the dessert. It also has a cream frosting in between red layers to make it yummy.

• Cocoa powder is an ingredient in the recipe of red velvet, but there is at best a hint of chocolate flavor in red velvet, whereas chocolate cake contains a lot of cocoa powder.

• Some people add a lot of cocoa powder to deepen the red color of the red velvet cake they are making.