Difference Between Redemption and Salvation

Redemption vs Salvation

Redemption and Salvation are two beliefs in the religion of Christianity. There is difference between the two concepts and one has to understand the difference to know more about the dogmas of Christianity.

Although both are actions of God, there is some difference in the way they should be viewed by the Christians. Redemption directly stems from the Almighty. In other words it can be said that God has a greater role to play in redemption than in salvation. On the other hand salvation is delivered to the people or the practicing Christians by sending messengers.

It can be said that a messenger takes the responsibility of spelling out salvation. It is again the God who gives the power to the messenger to deliver salvation to the people. Hence the messenger is supposed to use the power given to him by the Almighty rescue people from difficulties at the time of need.

It is believed that redemption occurred only once in history and that too during the Exodus from Egypt. In that case it is interesting to note that the redemption was not performed by an angel or a messenger of the Almighty but by the Almighty himself. This is a great difference between redemption and salvation.

On the other hand salvation is believed to have taken place a number of times in history. It only means that the Almighty has sent messengers or angels several times to deliver salvation. It is interesting to find that the word salvation is at times substituted by a number of other words too such as wonders, miracles and the like. The concept of salvation paves the way for the belief that miracles do happen by the blessings and the favor of the Almighty. There is the practice of thanking the Almighty and then the messenger for the actions of redemption and salvation respectively.

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