Difference Between Religion and Faith

Religion vs Faith

Religion and Faith are two words that are often confused due to the similarity in their meanings. Strictly speaking both the words are different in terms of their concepts and connotations.

Faith consists in the belief in one or more gods or deities. Faith is usually accompanied by hope too. Religion on the other hand, is the means by which the people universally exhibit their faith. This is the primary difference between religion and faith.

Religion is based on culture of a land too. Religion builds character and morality. Faith on the other hand is built on belief. When faith becomes strong and unshakeable then it culminates in religion.

Religious leaders impart primary knowledge about the respective dogmas and tenets. They try to inculcate faith about the corresponding religion in the minds of the people. Thus, religion and faith are related to each other although they are different from each other.

Science is one branch of knowledge that questions faith. Religion on the other hand, teaches us moral laws. Faith on the other hand, is opposed to the questions raised by science. Faith thus, can culminate in the acceptance of superstitions and false notions.

Faith amounts to loyalty to God. It is the absolute belief in God that he will save you in your utter distress. Another important difference between religion and faith is that there may be many paths in religion, but there can be only one faith. That God is the controller of all life in this universe is the single faith.

Religion on the other hand, is the organizational institute for practicing your faith. Faith can describe the religion we follow. On the other hand, religion can contain a faith associated with it. These are the important differences between religion and faith.