Difference Between Republican and Democrat

Republican vs Democrat


There is a marked difference between a Republican and a Democrat, especially in their views and ideas. A Republican is conservative in his ideas whereas a Democrat is liberal in his ideas.

Democrat accepts the concept of a larger federal government whereas a Republican does not accept the concept of a larger federal government. People of all classes should be benefited by the various schemes of the government according to a Democrat. They should not be concerned more about individual interests. This means that a Democrat looks upon all classes of people as equal.

The Republican on the other hand believes more in economic equity than any other factor. A Republican firmly believes that all solutions to problems lay with the people themselves rather than with the government. According to Republican a government is not supposed to interfere much with the affairs of people, but should do well to improve the property rights of the people rather than the welfare rights.

In short it can be said that a Republican believes that the people are adept in looking after themselves. A Democrat on the contrary firmly believes that federal government alone is capable of bringing in equality.

A Democrat supports government-sponsored programs whereas a Republican does not support government-sponsored programs. In fact a Republican wants lesser government involvement and supports the idea that decisions be made at the state level primarily by the involvement of people.

One of the major differences between a Democrat and a Republican is that a Democrat is pro-choice in approach whereas a Republican is pro-life in approach. As a result a Democrat supports social policies at federal government level whereas a Republican supports social policies at state level.

It is interesting to note that a Democrat supports the view that the military budget should be decreased, whereas a Republican firmly believes that the military budget should be considerably increased.

Republican Democrat
Conservative Ideas Liberal Ideas
Economic equity Class equity
Not for larger federal government Larger federal government
Solution lies with people – less interference in people’s affairs Government solve people’s problem
Support social policies at state level – involving people Support social policies at federal level
Improve property rights of people Improve welfare rights of people – more government sponsored programs
Pro-life Pro-choice
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    In terms of their actions there is very little difference between these two bankrolled entities.