Difference Between Research and Scientific Method

Research vs Scientific Method

Let there be no doubt that any research is carried out using scientific methods only. Research is just another name for gathering data and information, analyzing it and then arriving at results, which is primarily what scientists do. To many, scientists appear as outlandish as they possess much deeper knowledge than common people. To an extent, this is true but they are scientists not because of their knowledge but because of their methodology which is scientific and produces results that are testable and tend to produce similar results when replicated. Any research that does not follow scientific methods is doomed to fail as authenticity of the results does not stand chance against scientific enquiry and analysis.

Scientific methods are simple to understand, and they are basically a way of thinking about problems and their solutions. They are systematic, logical and sequential in orders with a cause and effect principal firmly in place. Research is a careful, detailed and systematic study of a thing or a phenomenon to learn something new about it or studying it from a new perspective. Scientific method is just a way of conducting a research. But it is a vital cog in any research as anyone with reasonable intelligence can easily perform research armed with scientific methods. However, sound reasoning and observation powers are a prerequisite to conduct a research even if one uses scientific methods.

A researcher makes no bones about scientific methods he uses to complete his research as it lends credibility to his research and its results.

Any research essentially comprises three main steps.

Identifying and defining the problem

Looking for explanation, research methodologies

Observation, measurements, and experimentation

Often times it is necessary to go through this procedure several times if there are any doubts about the authenticity of results and this is where scientific methods come handy. They ensure that replication of research is carried out in exactly same fashion every time. These methods also make it possible for any reader to try and replicate the procedure himself and arrive at the conclusions outlined at the end of any research.

In brief:

Research vs scientific methods

• Research and scientific methods are deeply interrelated

• Scientific methods are the methods used to carry out any research

• These methods lend credibility to any research and its results

• Use of scientific methods means that any reader can himself verify the results of a research.