Difference Between Research Proposal and Research Report

Research Proposal vs Research Report

For all students pursuing a course where they are required to write a thesis and get it submitted, it becomes necessary to present their research proposal. When their chosen subject and topic of research is accepted, they begin their actual research work. After completion (exploring the unknown and coming up with answers to problems identified), the research has to be submitted for approval. This is one procedure that needs the research to be presented in a standardized format known as research report. Though both research proposal and research report contain the same outlines, there are major differences between these two documents that will be highlighted in this article.

Research proposal

For a new student, putting forward a research proposal is even more difficult than actually conducting research. However, this is one aspect that is more than mere formality, and requires not just subject knowledge but also an insight into the problem that the researcher proposes to explore to come up with his analysis and answers to the problems. Research proposal should clearly include the research methodology, design structure and the logic researcher is going to use. Budget, time limit, and qualifications of the researcher are points that matter a lot to those who grant approval. As these cannot be changed, it is prudent to harp upon the problem statement and the solutions sought.

Research report

A research report is the culmination of all the effort, sweat and toiling that a research student undergoes during actual research process. Once the research has been completed, a formal submission is required which takes place in the form of a research report. This is a document that reflects the potential of the researcher and should contain all the information and facts in a standardized format that enables any casual onlooker to get everything easily out of the report. This document contains the title, abstract, introduction, experimental details, results, discussion, conclusions, and finally references use by the researcher.

Difference between Research Proposal and Research Report

• While a research proposal is the beginning of a research, research report can be considered its culmination

• Research proposal is a serious document as the approval of research topic and the researcher hinges upon its presentation and as such any student desirous of pursuing research.

• Research report is also an important document that reflects the effort put in by the student and should be prepared with sincerity and simplicity in a prescribed format.

• While chosen subject and identified problem are more important in a research proposal, the experimental results and methodology assume significance in the case of research report.

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    differentiate business research proposal and academic research proposal

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      There i think what will bring a difference is only the field of study, but Research proposal will still bring the same meaning all the way.