Difference Between Rich and Poor

Rich vs Poor

We live in a society comprised of two classes, the rich and the poor. These are also the haves and have-nots of the society. The rich make up barely 20% of the population and have control over 80% of the resources, while 80% of the population makes use of the remaining 20% of the resources. However, the divide between rich and poor, despite all isms such as communism, capitalism, and socialism keeps growing all the time making the condition of the poor worse than it has all along been. However, the financial condition is not the only difference between the rich and the poor as this article attempts to highlight their differences.

Nobody likes to be poor, and everyone tries to be rich. However, thinking alone cannot make a person rich. The right attitude and mindset create all the difference between the wishful thinking and turning of dreams into reality. But this is stretching things too far as we are here to talk about the differences, isn’t it? Sometimes the difference between rich and poor can be a one of mere perspective as even a very poor person can consider himself rich, being rich in moral values and attitude towards life whereas there can be a very rich yet dejected person who is devoid of all life.


What is the difference between Rich and Poor?

• While rich believe they are in control of their lives, poor feel they are subject to vagaries of life and life controls events taking place in their lives. Rich are not concerned with depression or recession, and they are not tied with any special knowledge or professional degree either. On the other hand, poor believes it is his lack of degree or knowledge that keeps him poor. It is when you start to feel that life is happening to you instead of you creating your future, you will lose the right track and condemn remaining poor.

• Investing in schemes to make more money is like a game for rich while the poor is all the time terrified investing in the stock market with the result that more often than not, he loses money. It is apparent to all the poor is playing not to lose money while the rich is playing to win more.

• Rich people see the opportunities while poor see the obstacles first. Poor keep thinking how they will overcome these obstacles whereas rich keep their focus on opportunities as they have the resources to overcome obstacles easily.

• The one big difference lies in the thinking of the rich and the poor. Rich dream big and, therefore, strike rich while poor dream small with the result that they have to remain content with whatever they get.

• Rich are doers; they take concrete steps to fulfill their dreams, while poor, just dream about their dreams.

• The company of rich people includes rich and successful, whereas poor people have the company of unsuccessful and daydreamers. This difference in company proves vital in deciding the future of the rich and the poor.