Difference Between Ripped and Buff

Ripped vs Buff

There are many terms that are used by bodybuilders and those who are around when talking about different body builds. If you have been to a gym recently, you must have heard terms like ripped, buff, huge, skinny, lean, bulk, and so on. There are people who remain confused between ripped and buff as they think these are near synonyms. However, there are differences between ripped and buff that will be discussed in this article.


Ripped is a word that is mostly used to refer to a man who does not have much body fat. If you know a guy who has some muscles but does not look fat, you are justified in calling him ripped. However, there are people who think of muscular bodies when they hear the word ripped. Ripped is a slang word that is used mostly for bodybuilders.


Buff is a word used to refer to a man who has a strong, muscular body. Athletes and gymnasts with bulging muscles but low body fat classify to be called buffed. You look at the photo of a model who poses for a brand of underwear and you know you are looking at a buffed man who has well defined muscular body. No bulk, no fat, just chiseled and muscular body. However, it is not necessary for a guy to be huge or tall to be labeled as buff as a man with small physique can be buffed too. Buff is a word that is mostly used for athletes and gymnasts.

What is the difference between Ripped and Buff?

• Ripped body is harder to attain as it requires tough exercising regime whereas one can have buff body with less rigorous training.

• Ripped body is associated with bodybuilders while buff body is associated with gymnasts and athletes.

• Buff body type contains some body fat while there is very low or nil body fat in the case of ripped body type.


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