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Difference Between Road and Street

Road vs Street

You might wonder what really the difference between road and street is. There is of course some difference between road and street. One of the main differences between road and street is that a road runs between two distant points. The two distant points can be two different towns too.

In other words it can be said that a road connects two different places or towns, whereas a street is a small public road that is well within a city or town. A Street is generally lined with houses on both sides whereas you do not see many houses on the sides of a road. More people generally use the street to traverse whereas roads are used by vehicles. Roads are specially prepared surfaces for vehicle use. Hence it is true that you would find more traffic on a road than in a street, and .

A Street does not have many official buildings, business establishments and other buildings whereas you would find more of these on roads. This is one of the primary reasons why you find more traffic on roads than in the streets. Roads contain movie theaters, cultural centers and other amusement and entertainment centers than streets.

You cannot very easily locate an address on a road because of its massive length and size, whereas you can locate an address quite easily in a street. The width of a road is very much different from that of a street. A road is at least 4 times wider than a street. The larger width of the roads would facilitate the swift movement of traffic.

Since streets are used primarily by people on foot, it is quite possible that streets have markets such as vegetable market, fish market and other types of markets. You would not find that many markets on a road. You would find more trees on both sides of a road than in a street. This is because of the fact that a street is occupied primarily by houses.


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