Difference Between Roast and Steak

Roast vs Steak

No man should be allowed to be the President who does not understand hogs. This is what the 33rd President of US, Henry S. Truman said. This is enough to reflect the importance of pork in the country. There is also beef that is equally loved by the people. Roast and steak are the popular terms to refer to the meat of beef that is consumed by people after cooking through broiling, grilling or baking. Many people remain confused between roast and steak as they seem to refer to the same meat of the animal or the pork. This article attempts to clear the air of confusion by highlight the differences between roast and steak.


Steak is a thick slice of meat cut across the muscles. It may be with or without bones. It is a high quality cut such as prime rib, rib eye, or sirloin that is cooked quickly on a grill at high heat. Steak is a word that is reserved for beef though it can also be used for the meat obtained from lamb or pig. In US and Europe, people think of only beef when they talk about steak.


Roast is any large cut from the animal that is served after roasting at about 350°F and meant for use of several persons. It is cooked as a whole and divided into several pieces, to serve many people. Roasts are made by applying dry heat of oven that requires tender pieces as tough meat cannot be cooked properly on dry heat.

What is the difference between Roast and Steak?

• Roast is any larger cut of meat meant to be cooked as a whole on dry heat of the oven, to be served to many people.

• Steaks are thick slices of meats that are cut low enough, across the muscles, to give tender meat and cooked quickly on a grill at high heat.