Difference Between Robbery and Burglary

Robbery vs Burglary

As robbery and burglary are both crimes that can be linked with theft and one is even considered as a felony, one should know the difference between robbery and burglary. For the non-discerning eyes, they appear just the same but do not be confused,they are very different from each other if you look closely. Both robbery and burglary are nouns. The plural form of robbery is robberies. The plural form of burglary is burglaries. Now, let us have a look at the difference between robbery and burglary.

What does Robbery mean?

According to the Oxford English dictionary robbery is defined as “the action of robbing a person or place.” The history of the word robbery takes its origin back to Middle English. It has been formed from the Anglo- Norman French and Old French word roberie.

Robbery is often described as taking someone’s valuables using the manner of intimidation or force. That is why there are terms like highway robbery and armed robbery because, typically, robbery involves the use of a firearm or any tools of intimidation. Even there is a degree in robbery as some use deadly weapons. In a crime to be considered as robbery, the presence of the victim is needed.

In the informal language, robbery is also used to indicate “unashamed swindling or overcharging.” For example, look at the following sentence.

Hundred pounds for this cheap dress! Robbery!

What does Burglary mean?

According to the Oxford English dictionary burglary is defined as “illegal entry of a building with intent to commit a crime, especially theft.” As the history says, the word burglary has originated in the early 16th century from the legal French term burglarie.

Burglary is usually defined as the kind of crime that when someone breaks and enters a property without the owner’s consent, and this is done to commit a crime of any sort. In burglary, taking any valuables is not always the goal. It might be even as grave as murder or rape, so theft is not always involved in a burglary.

Difference Between Robbery and Burglary

What is the difference between Robbery and Burglary?

Robbery, when committed, always has the involvement of theft or taking someone’s valuables with intimidation; burglary does not always involve theft, the crime to be committed might be otherwise. Robbery is a crime that typically uses intimidation or worse, the use of deadly weapons to accomplish the goal; burglary, when committed, does not always involve any kind of hoopla. Burglary can be as simple as walking into a property unauthorized or picking a lock. While robbery is always tantamount to any degree of violence, burglary can be committed without resorting to violence.

All these are some of the main factors that separate robbery and burglary from each other. They are both crimes and are typically linked with theft, but one thing can happen that will change a crime’s description.


Burglary vs Robbery

• Robbery always involves theft; burglary does not.

• Robbery is committed with any form of violence; burglary does not always need to resort to violence.