Difference Between Romans and Greeks

Romans vs Greeks

One of the main differences between Romans and Greeks is that while Romans lived in the Roman Empire, the Greeks lived in Greece. It is believed that Greek culture was older than the Roman culture.

They differ from each other in terms of their contribution to art. Greek sculptors depicted beauty in their work whereas Romans sought perfect likeness in their art work.

Romans believed in the same mythological figures as the Greeks. In fact they would give different names for the mythological figures too. Nature was more of a disposable resource for the Romans. The Greeks on the other hand were more concerned about nature. They found nature inspiring. Greek philosophers and thinkers tried to understand nature better. This was because they appreciated it.

The Greek stories and legends portrayed animal characters too. Romans were opposed to portraying animal characters in their stories and legends. Romans appeared to be practical. They never seemed to appreciate nature. They were not inspired by the factor of beauty in nature.

The Romans were known for their art of construction. They were believed to be wonderful architects but were not good mathematicians. The Greeks on the contrary were better mathematicians. The Greeks were good architects too as they too have built some marvelous structures.

The Greek culture is older than the Roman culture. There is a difference of several centuries between their cultures. As a matter of fact the Romans followed the categorization of gods and goddesses of the Greeks.

Ares is the Greek God of war. The Romans accept Mars as the God of war. Romans acknowledge Mars as God of fertility too. According to the Greeks, Ares is a very strong and terrifying God due to the fact he is the real God of War Incarnate.

It is interesting to note that the Romans have named their Gods after the stars and planets. The Greek deities were not named after stars and planets.