Difference Between Rome and Greece

Rome vs Greece

Rome is an ancient civilization which began as an agriculture community before the 10th Century B.C. Location of this civilization is by the side of Mediterranean Sea and has emerged as largest empire of the ancient world. The Rome civilization dominated the South Western and South Eastern areas of Europe with their mastery and absorbed them in to the empire. Due to problems of stability from within the empire as well as attacks from outside, Italy, Africa, Hispania, Gaul and Britannia, which formed western portion of the empire, broke into separate kingdoms during the 5th century. Till the time of 286 B.C, what were left of the empire were Greece, Balkans, Syria, Egypt and Asia Minor. The Rome Empire lost Egypt and Syria at a later stage and the left remained for another millennium. The civilization of people of Rome is usually termed as classical antiquity. Ancient Greece was a civilization which conquered and mastered on to states. This nature of the civilization resulted in influencing the culture that this empire holds. Contributions of early Rome civilizations are numerous in the developments that include improvements in technology, language, religion, literature, art, government, law, war and architecture of this empire as well as the Western World. Even today, the Roman Empire’s history is influencing a large portion of the world.

Greece is the civilization which belongs to the Greek history and is associated with the history of this area of world. The Greek civilization lasts from the period of 8th Century to 6th Century and then from 146BC to the mastery of Greece by Roman people, which happened at the end of Battle of Corinth. During the time period of 5th century BC to 4th century BC, the flourishing of Classical Greece was seen. Athenian leader at the beginning withheld the attacks from Persia after which Athenian Golden Age came to an end when Athens was defeated by Sparta in the time period of 404 BC. Greek Culture at its classical stage had a major influence on Roman Empire. This empire had a vision which was translated to the various parts of Europe as well as the Mediterranean Region. This is the reason for which Classical Greece is thought to be the culture which has provided the basis of the Western Civilization.

Both of the civilizations are actually Mediterranean still they come with differences based on their social class. Both socializations had different mythology and valued their lives in a different way from each other. One of the major differences between these civilizations is that Rome did not make great progress in their time period. Greece however started their progress as a nation at the time of 5th century BC. Most of the times, it is believed that most of the things which were used by Romans were a part of the Greek Civilization though they were lettered a bit. Both the civilizations believed in division of their people. Greeks divided the system of their society in categories of slaves, free men, metics, citizens, and women. Women, in Greek were considered to be having a position even lower from slave’s position. Roman society held the position of women higher as compared to Greece civilization and they considered women as citizens though, they didn’t allow women to vote or preside in political offices. Roman society consisted of Free Men, Slaves, Patricians and Plebeians. Both the civilizations have an influence on the structures and architectures that buildings possess. Greek civilization had three styles involved in their architecture which were Ionic, Corinthian and Doric. Roman architecture has an influence of Greek architecture which has included style of Greek architecture in their buildings with addition of arches and aqueducts in the buildings made by them.