Difference Between Rubicon and Wrangler

Rubicon vs Wrangler

Auto giant Chrysler have been making Jeep Wrangler marquee since 1987, though the model Jeep is as old as WW II. Wrangler is presently in its 4th edition with YJ, TJ, LJ and JK editions having been rolled in the last 24 years by Chrysler. Rubicon is one model of wrangler that was started in 2003 by the company. Though for a common man, it is hard to tell the differences between Wrangler and Rubicon, there are differences in design and features that will be highlighted in this article.

Jeep is a Sports Utility Vehicle that has 4 wheeled drive, and is capable of off road driving. Jeep has exhibited its prowess and performance to people, even the army is fond of its capabilities since WW II. However, Chrysler christened its Jeep as ‘Wrangler’, and preferred to give different editions with different initials, like YJ, LJ, TJ, and JK, apart from its military version that was labeled as J8. Rubicon is a famous model of Jeep Wrangler that got its name from a trail in the mountains of Sierra Nevada that has the same name Rubicon. Judging by its suspension, Jeep has left no stone unturned to make Rubicon heavy duty, and more robust than other Wrangler models. Those who have driven both Wrangler, as well as, Rubicon in all terrains have no hesitation in saying that though Wrangler is second to none in off road capabilities being a perfect SUV, it is Rubicon that takes the cake when it comes to most rugged, mountainous terrains.

Rubicon has larger rims, tires, diamond plates etc to make and feel heavier. The most significant difference between a Wrangler and a Rubicon lies in the fact that Rubicon has a locking front and rear differentials. Another difference lies in its Dana 44 axles front and rear. It also has a different gear differential (4:1) than Wrangler. Having larger wheels, ride height on Rubicon is much more than in Wrangler. Thus, it is better in rough terrains, and if one is fond of off road driving, Rubicon is certainly one up on Wrangler.

In brief:

Difference between Rubicon and Wrangler

• All said and done, Rubicon is still a specific variety of Jeep Wrangler like other varieties namely Sahara, X, Sport etc.

• Rubicon has been designed keeping off road capabilities in mind.

• Thus, it has stronger axles, (Dana 44 both in front and rear).

• On the other hand, other Wrangler models tend to have weaker axles at the rear.

• Rubicon also has lower 4wd gearing, which is 4:1, whereas other Wranglers have 2.72:1.

• This implies that a Rubicon has better control while driving down steep terrains.

• For this very reason, Rubicon makes available greater torque while climbing over rocks.

• Rubicon also has Rocker Panels. 3/8 diamond plate rocker guards are provided in Rubicon to protect body parts from striking rocks when the vehicle smashes into rocks.