Difference Between Sack and Bag

Sack vs Bag

Any container that is not solid and used for storing or keeping things is called a bag. There are places where such an object is also referred to as a sack. Mankind has been using bags since time immemorial to carry things like household items. There are people who think of gunny sacks when the word sack is used in their midst. Sacks also remind people of the sack races that are held in schools where kids run by holding the bag with their hands and trying to hop to the end of the race. Let us find out in this article if there are any differences between a bag and a sack.


The use of bags is as old as civilization or even older than that. Mankind has been making use of flexible containers to store important objects and items with an opening at the top for thousands of years. The material used to make this flexible container has been changing with the passage of time and advancement of technology. While the earliest of bags were perhaps made of animal hide, man soon learnt to make use of plant fibers to create non rigid containers for their use. Today we are used to seeing bags made of canvas that school kids carry on their backs. We also make heavy use of paper bags and plastic bags that are freely used by shopkeepers, to sell items to customers. Ladies make use of vanity bags and tote bags to carry their personal items. Today bags are made of many different materials such as leather, paper, plastic, fur, etc. There are also sling bags that are used by backpackers.


Sack is a type of bag that is used to keep and transport many items, especially food items, from one place to another. This is a definition that is used for gunny sacks made from jute or similar material and is inexpensive in nature. Sacks are closed at the bottom while they are open at the top. They usually do not have a handle. Gunny sacks are very popular among school kids as they are used in a special race called sack racing. Farmers and transporters make heavy use of gunny sacks in many countries of the world as they are large enough to contain around 100 pounds of potatoes and onions. Sacks are popular to carry perishable vegetables as they are made from natural fibers that allow the air to pass through.

Sack vs Bag

• Bag is a container that is made from a flexible material and used to carry things.

• Sack is a word that is used for bags in some places though it is mostly used for gunny bags that are made of jute or any other coarse material that is inexpensive and large enough to carry huge amounts of perishables.

• Bags can be made of many different materials such as leather, plastic, paper, and also have a handle to carry them.