Difference Between Safe and Save

Safe vs Save

Safe and save are English words that confuse a lot of people, especially when they see these words used by insurance companies in connection with driving tips. People feel that they know the difference between safe and save as safe is adjective while save is a verb. But they mix up between these words when they are writing a piece. Interesting thing with this pair is that the words are not even homophones to create confusion in the minds of the people. This article takes a closer look at ‘safe and save’ to come up with their differences.


Safe is an English word that means something or someone who is free from any risk or harm. You feel safe in your home while you know that you are not so safe when you are out on the road. Safe is also a noun as when it is used to refer to a coffer or a box to keep valuables. Take a look at the following sentences to understand the meaning and usage of the word safe.

• I wish you a safe journey.

• The boys were safe at home.

• I do not feel very safe in the neighborhood these days.

• One should maintain a safe distance with other vehicles while driving.

• Have you kept the jewelry in the safe?


Save is a verb that is used to describe an act that rescues someone or something from harm or danger. Save is also used to refer to the act of guarding against loss, destruction, or injury. These days the word ‘save’ is also used commonly to indicate the act of storing something in the hard drive of a computer. Save is also used to indicate putting aside money or something else for storage. Take a look at the following examples to understand the meaning of the word.

• John used to save money to secure his future.

• She tried hard to save her marriage by giving in to the demands of her spouse.

• Save this program in the hard drive of the computer.

• He could save money by walking to his office rather than take a taxi.

• Follow safe driving guidelines and save yours and others life.

What is the difference between Safe and Save?

• Safe is an adjective while save is a verb.

• You save others with safe driving.

• You save for a safe future.

• You save someone from harm or danger while something or someone is safe when it is secure or free from harm or injury.