Difference Between Salami and Pepperoni

Salami vs Pepperoni

Salami and pepperoni are two such meat items that would surely be known to those who love to indulge in pizzas and sandwiches. Salami and pepperoni are basically types of sausages that are being used in different types of cooking but most specifically in pizzeria and other such stuffs. The uniqueness of the taste of this food lends a very special flavor to the food items in which these get to be used. There are varied types of recipes that can be found comprising of these two items or either one of these. There is a large number of those folks who can be seen as their astound followers and lovers and who like to prefer the presence of either of these combined with other spices and food items in many of the dishes they like to have.


Salami is basically being termed as the cured sausage that has its origin in the Italian cuisine. This sausage was firstly used by the Italian peasants who made a way to ferment this type of meat which they could use for a span of year as well in case of having no access to any type of meat for a longer period of time. So, salami has taken its origin from Italy where it is still being treated as a hall mark for Italian cuisine. From there, it has traveled to the rest of world where it is being used in different types of pizzas and other such recipes.

Salami is specifically made of pork, veal or chopped beef and poultry. And, then, it gets to be mixed with other ingredients to get its shape and taste known for Italian salami. Different ingredient like Salt, vinegar, minced fat, white pepper or any other preferred spice ( of light intensity), some herbs along with garlic, nitrate etc. all these ingredients get to be mixed with the preferred type of meat. Then this mixture gets to go through fermentation as absolutely air dried to get a form of cured sausage.

Salami is said to have its due share of nutritional value as well. It is being considered as a very preferred option for the lunch meat. It is said to have a high fat quality and this is the reason, it is being termed as a calories intense food where only one slice of salami is known to offer around 75 to 80 calories. As compared to other meat options, it is known to come in more fats and this is why, one slice of salami is considered one whole serving as opposed to many other options like a turkey meat slice where three slices make one portion of serving. There are different types of salami ranging in their tastes and specialties.


Pepperoni is a type of Italian salami. It is being referred as the dry variety of highly spiced Italian salami. This is one major difference that a pepperoni is made with a higher ratio of spices and this is the reason, it gets to be very spicy and makes a desirable topping for pizzas. It comes with the same nutritional value that salami offers and gets to be made from beef, pork, and poultry in form of a dry sausage.

Be it salami or pepperoni, both of these are considered an essential item especially for the pizza lovers all around the globe.