Difference Between Sales and Marketing

Sales vs Marketing

*Sales and Marketing have same goal

*Marketing is everything you do to get the customers make initial contact and Sales is everything you do to close the deal

Sales and marketing are two terms that often look like words with the same meaning, but they are not so. They might appear similar on account of the fact that sales and marketing aim at increasing revenue and generating profit.

Since a kind of difference is felt between them, you would find personnel handling sales and marketing separately in a firm or a concern. You would come across sales personnel and marketing personnel separately in a larger firm. In the case of small firms, sales and marketing would be looked after by the same personnel.

Sales and marketing are different in their concepts in the sense that while sales would concentrate on smaller groups such as individuals; marketing would concentrate on larger groups such as groups from general public.

Marketing is characterized by several factors such as promotion of the products with the aid of marketing tools, creation of awareness among the members of the public about the use of the product, conduct of research and the like. A sale is not characterized by research or creation of awareness among the members of the public about the use of the product.

Sales in short can be called as the result of an action triggered by marketing. In other words you can say that a thorough marketing brings about a successful sale. If you are good in marketing you can be a good sales person too.

Marketing aims at meeting consumer demands, whereas sales focuses on the fact whether consumer demands match the products. One of the most important differences between sales and marketing is that sales involves direct interaction whereas marketing is not about direct interaction, but it is all about indirect methods such as advertising, email marketing and viral marketing.

The modern marketing go one step ahead and will say it is not only restricted to meeting consumer needs but it’s also about creating the need in people. It’s now a market driven society unlike the earlier market driven business.

Difference between Sales and Marketing

• Marketing is everything you do to open avenues for sale, sales is everything you do to close a sale.

• Marketing moves a potential customer close to sale, that is marketing makes the initial move to transform a cold customer in to warm and move closer to sales.

• In an organizational perspective;

o Sales influence customer to buy what the company produced, whereas marketing influence the company to produce what customer want.

o Sales is a tactical function whereas marketing is a strategic function.

o Sales is focused on short-term concerns; today’s product, today’s customers and the strategies to sell today, marketing is focused on tomorrow; long term strategies to take the business forward.