Difference Between Samurai and Ninja

Samurai vs Ninja

Japanese culture has been fascinating and fabulous thanks to some of the historical figures that existed in the ancient Japanese times. Samurai and ninja are two such figures that added to the cultural glory of Japan. They are two types of warriors that lived in the ancient Japanese times. They have distinct characteristics between them and these characteristics made them immortal in the cultural traditions of Japan.

These warrior characters live even today in the form of animation films and stories. Although samurai and ninja are both warriors there is difference between them. Samurais are from noble classes whereas ninjas were mercenaries. Mercenaries normally belong to the lower classes of ancient Japanese society.

Samurai warriors are understood to be clad in full war gear or kimonos. Ninjas are said to be donned in tight clothing. They are in fact fully clothed and only their eyes become visible. This is the reason why the war gear of samurai warriors is colored whereas the war gear of ninja warriors is black in color.

It is important to note that both samurai and ninja warriors are guided by different codes of war ethics. Samurai warriors follow the bushido ethics of war. Ninja warriors on the other hand follow the unorthodox code of war ethics. Their method of waging a war is unorthodox. As a matter o fact samurais show honor in the method of their fighting. Ninjas resort to infiltration and assassination.

Samurais fought in the side of the emperors. Ninjas on the other hand served anyone who would pay them some money. They were not particular in their selection of the persons who they would fight for. In a way they were used more or less like hired gunmen and assassins to eliminate the enemies. These are the differences between samurai and ninja.