Difference Between SAP and PeopleSoft

SAP vs PeopleSoft

SAP and PeopleSoft are Enterprise Resource Planning software applications. Many organizations around the globe employ these applications for their ERP purposes. PeopleSoft is owned by Oracle Corporation while SAP itself is a company with origins in Germany.


PeopleSoft is an ERP software application provided by Oracle/PeopleSoft Corporation. The Indiana University is provided with applications for Student Information System and Human Resource Management System by the Oracle/PeopleSoft. The IBM enterprise system also used this and applications were used on ES nodes. The whole thing comprises of PeopleSoft environment.

As a ERP vendor, PeopleSoft provides variety of software applications such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Higher Education, Human Resource Management System, Supply Chain Management, Project Management and Materials management and others.

The Oracle user schema includes the PeopleSoft database. This schema is called SYSADM and it includes all the objects that comprise the PeopleSoft application. To support the PeopleSoft database, following environments are required:

• Development database

• Live production database

• PeopleSoft application database

• Testing and acceptance environment

• PeopleSoft delivered database

The client workstation can be connected to PeopleSoft database in three different ways:

1. By using SQL*NET/Net8, a two tier connection can be made with Oracle RDBMS.

2. By using a 3-tier Tuxedo application server.

3. Connecting PeopleSoft web enabled page using 3-tier Tuxedo/Jolt combination.


SAP means System Application and Products. By employing SAP, a centralized database is created for all the applications that are currently used in an organization. All work in the functional department of the organization is handled in a versatile manner by this application. The products from SAP are used by major companies such as IBM and Microsoft in their businesses.

The first version of SAP was R/2 and it was used on the mainframe architecture. The focus of products from SAP is generally on ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). The R/3 system that includes applications in SAP helps in managing assets, personnel, materials, and cost accounting and product operations. This system can run on all the major platforms and client-server model is employed in this system.

The enterprise applications provided by SAP are:

• Business Information Warehouse

• Advanced Planner and Optimizer

• Supply Chain Management

• Human Resource Management System

• Product Lifecycle Management

• SAP knowledge Warehouse

• Supplier Relationship Management

• Customer Relationship Management

The latest technology offered by SAP is the SAP NetWeaver. The products from SAP are mainly designed with large organizations in focus. For small or mid-sized organizations, SAP all in one and SAP Business One are used.

Difference between SAP and PeopleSoft

• PeopleSoft and SAP are Enterprise Resource Planning software applications.

• More applications or products are offered by SAP as compared to PeopleSoft.

• Although SAP is a leader in market but on the Human Resource side, it is weaker as compared to PeopleSoft.

• PeopleSoft is easy to use and learn as compared to SAP.

• SAP is costlier as compared to PeopleSoft.

• Even though SAP provides more functionality but is not easy to use, flexible and cheap as compared to PeopleSoft.