Difference Between Sarcasm and Satire

Sarcasm vs Satire

Sarcasm and Satire are two words that are often understood in the same sense though there is some difference between them. Satire is humorous in content, whereas Sarcasm is an exhibition of playful attitude in analyzing someone’s behavior or approach to life. This is the main difference between the two words.

Satire often makes an attempt at establishing a constructive point or two. It aims at proving the absurdity of a given situation, political or social. This is primarily the reason why satire was considered a primary method of criticizing the political and social situations by the poets of the yesteryear. Alexander Pope was a great satirist.

It is interesting to note that a person who involves in satire either in writing or speaking is termed as satirist. A satirist mostly deals with the description of growing changes in lifestyle and social behavior. On the other hand, sarcasm deals with wit and hurting humor.

A person who engages in sarcasm is often called as sarcastic person. As a matter of fact, a sarcastic person involves in making statements that might hurt the feelings of others. This is due to the fact that the person thinks that he is causing a humorous jab. Sarcastic persons are often looked upon as social misfits. On the other hand, satirists are liked by one and all.

The chief reason behind the popularity of satirists over sarcastic people is that the satirist’s constructive attitude towards life and maintains friendship with everyone concerned. His only nature is to create humorous surroundings. On the other hand, a sarcastic person is often disliked by the people around him.

Another important difference between sarcasm and satire is that sarcasm is considered a mental attitude, whereas satire is looked upon as creativity. Satirists are respected worldwide.