Difference Between Scottish and Irish

Scottish vs Irish

Scottish and Irish differ from each other in terms of grammar and some intonations even though at first when you hear them, you would probably think that they are the same. This is because they belong to the same Gaelic language with Manx language as the third one.


In Scotland, Gaelic is pronounced as Gah-Lick and they sound like very aggressive or always angry. Scottish accents when pronouncing words with letter “r”, they tend to speak it much like of the Spanish wherein the “r:” is hardly spoken like there are two r’s. Words ending in “ing” are pronounced normally but dropping the letter “g” and the letter “I” is spoken like “ayt” like in “fight” and “light”.


The Irish accents are considered by a number of people around the world as one of the sexiest accents that exist. This is because when they speak, their accents are very lively and it seems that they are happy all the time just by listening to them talking. The “TH” sound in words is pronounced as a soft “T”. Gaelic in Irish accent is pronounced as Gai-Lick.

Difference between Scottish and Irish

When the first time you hear an Irish talking and a Scottish talks, you would probably say that they have the same intonation or accent. But the more you listen carefully is the more that you will be aware that Scottish accents are somewhat aggressive when compared to the Irish accent which is soft, gay, and lively. Gaelic in Scottish is Gah-Lick while it is Gai-Lick in Irish. Irish is known for their own words like “aye” whereas the word “wee” is popularized by the Scottish. The “R” in Scottish is like two “Rs” whereas it is softly spoken in Irish.

The difference between Scottish and Irish is on the quality of their intonation and accent. While Scottish is very aggressive, Irish is sexier since they speak very lively and happily.

In brief:

• Gaelic in Scottish is pronounced as Gah-Lick whereas it is pronounce as Gai-Lick in Irish.

• Scottish sounds very aggressive while the Irish sounds lively.

• While the “R” in Scottish is hardly spoken like there are two Rs, the “TH” in Irish, on the other hand, sounds like a soft “T”.