Difference Between Seminar and Conference

Seminar vs Conference

Every day we hear similar meaning words such as workshops, summits, ,symposiums, seminars and conferences and are confused by the use of different words for educational settings. Well, there is no need to get confused as there are obvious differences in the functioning as well as purpose of these meetings and congregations. In this article we will specifically focus on seminar and conference which seem to be the most similar among all types of meeting s described earlier.

Both seminars and conferences are formal meetings of like minded people. Participants congregate and discuss topics of common interest. Seminars are generally of shorter duration and it is possible to have several business seminars inside a conference which may last for a few days. A conference requires a different kind of ambience and is usually help at a place which also has accommodation and dining facilities for the participants. A seminar has a educational connotation to it whereas a conference is more about sharing of opinions and thoughts on a topic of common interest. For example, a seminar may be organized to enhance the skills of people involved in a particular profession. In such a case, experts are called who give lectures to the participants and all participants receive a certificate at the end of the seminar.

Both seminars and conferences share one point and that is heavy reliance on audio visual aids to help a teacher to impart knowledge in an easier manner to the participants. In seminars, there is little active participation from those attending and it is usually the faculty or the expert disseminating knowledge in the form of lectures.

Conferences are organized by institutes and companies where attendees get information about latest trends and developments in the industry. There are user conferences that are organized by companies and service providers to educate and build relationships with their customers.

Educational conferences invite luminaries in the chosen field of study to enlighten the attendees with their expert knowledge. However, one major difference between seminars and conferences is that while seminars focus on imparting knowledge and skills to the participants, conferences are all about sharing opinions and views on the subject matter.

In brief:

Seminars vs conferences

• Seminars and conferences are different educational settings with different purposes and functions.

• While seminars intend to impart knowledge and skills to the participants, conferences are oriented to sharing of opinions and thoughts on the chosen subject matter.

• Conferences are congregations attended by like minded people who share their views for the common good while seminars are to enhance the skills of the participants.

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