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Difference Between Sentence and Clause

Sentence vs Clause

Sentence and Clause are two words that appear to be alike in sense but strictly speaking there is difference between them. A sentence is complete in construction and sense. In other words it contains subject, object and verb as the case may be. A clause on the other hand is incomplete in sense. This is the main difference between sentence and clause.

A sentence is of several kinds. Some of them include affirmative sentence, interrogative sentence, exclamatory sentence and the like.

1. Francis goes to church every day.

2. Robert lives in the near by village.

Both are sentences for that matter since they are complete in sense. Both the sentences contain a subject, an object (direct or indirect) and a verb. In the first sentence Francis is the subject, church is the indirect object and ‘goes’ is the verb. On the other hand in the second sentence Robert is the subject, village is the indirect object and ‘lives’ is the verb.

This is all about the construction and the completeness of a sentence.

On the other hand a clause is incomplete in its construction and also in its sense. In other words it can be said that a clause forms a part of a sentence. At times two clauses make a sentence as in the case

1. She was tired but she went to work.

2. As you know, I work very hard

In the sentences above you can see that two clauses make them. The first sentence is made with the joining of two clauses, namely, ‘she was tired’ and ‘she went to work’. The second sentence is made from the joining of the two clauses ‘as you know’ and ‘I work very hard’.

A clause usually contains a subject and a predicate. It does not contain an object. On the other hand a sentence contains an object too. This is the main difference between sentence and clause.


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