Difference Between Setting and Plot

Setting vs Plot

Setting and plot are two of the 5 essential elements of fiction writing. These elements of fiction writing are made use of by the writer to make the story interesting and appealing for the readers. Many people remain confused between setting and plot thinking of them to be the same. There are many differences between these two elements of a short story that will be highlighted in this article.


The setting of a story tells a lot to the readers. They are able to visualize and imagine a lot about the place, the time, the theme, and the conditions prevailing in the story. It is through setting that the readers make a judgment about the mood or the atmosphere. It is the setting that lets readers know the geographical location of the characters. Setting also talks about the timeline as to the year or the century in which the events depicted in the story took place. The author does not forget to let the readers know about the weather conditions to feel the same as the characters. It is the setting that lets readers make an assessment about the social conditions prevailing at the time during which the story took place.


Plot of a story is basically its story or the order of the events taking place inside the story. Plot is always logical and sequential with there being a beginning, middle and finally the ending that is all very logical and makes sense to the readers. There is always an introduction and a climax where the conflict is at its peak to keep the readers interested and involved. To make it simple for the readers, the plot can be considered the story of the fictional writing.

Setting vs Plot

• Plot and setting are essential elements of fiction writing, but whereas setting tells the readers all about outside things, it is the plot that tells the readers the actual story.

• Setting is used by the writer to let readers know all about the location, the timeline, the social conditions, the weather conditions, and so on.

• Plot tells about the actual events of the story with a definite structure that has beginning, middle, and the ending.